Welcome to the PET-SORTEO home page !

SORTEO is an acronym for "Simulation Of Realistic Tridimensional Emitting Objects".
SORTEO also means Random Drawing in Spanish, which is pretty appropriate for a Monte Carlo-based simulator.

This simulation platform was born from the fruitful collaboration between the CERMEP imaging centre in Lyon (France) and the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre in Montreal (Canada).

This simulation tool uses Monte Carlo techniques to generate realistic PET data from voxelized descriptions of tracer distributions, in accordance with the scanner geometry and physical characteristics.
PET-SORTEO, accounts for all the major sources of noise and biases that can occur within the formation of PET images and permits faithful reproduction of the image formation process of modern tomograph.
Visit the "Model" section to have a better understanding of the PET-SORTEO simulator.

We felt that many users would only want simulated volumes for designing, testing, optimizing and validating dedicated correction and processing methods.
Therefore, we have built a database of simulated volumes which is freely available (after a registration step, though ! Read the Terms of Use ...). This database has the merit to provide the community with realistic PET studies for commonly used radio tracers, for which the underlying anatomical model and the true activity levels within each structure are well known.
This database is in constant evolution with the addition of anatomical and functional models.


29/01/2007 :The database of simulated [18F]MPPF PET acquisitions [Reilhac et al, TMI 2006] will be online soon.
Feel free to contact me if you cannot wait (anthonin.reilhac@cermep.fr).

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